How to Fix error np-41772-1 in PS4

How To Fix Error Np-41772-1 In PS4

So last month when I opened my PS4 it showed that my PS4 is no longer set as my primary device. I got error code NP-41772-1 when I tried to activate it again as a primary device but the thing is never logged in to any other PS4 device or participated in any game sharing. I searched for many hours on forums and Reddit and finally found how to fix it.

error np-41772-1 in PS4 

How to Fix Error Code NP-41772-1?


To fix error code NP-41772-1 you should remotely deactivate all Playstation systems. To remotely deactivate your PS4 system you must follow the given steps:

  1. From the Home Screen on PS4, Select  [Settings] 

2.Click on [Account Management] > [Activate as  Your Primary PS4] 

3.Select [Deactivate] > [Deactivate All Devices]

How to Remotely Deactivate on a Web Browser?

To deactivate using a web browser follow these steps : 

1.Sign in to account management on the web.

2.Select [Device Management]

3.Select [PlayStation Systems (Games)] > [Deactivate All Devices] > [Yes]. 


How To Fix Error Code NP-41772-1 (2020) READ THE DESCRIPTION!


NOTE:- A remote deactivation can only be performed once every 6 months.

Why was I getting the Error?


You were probably getting this error because your id might get stolen or being hacked. Please be careful. This is it for today, if this post then please like, share and comment if your problem sustains.

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