Top 10 Multiplayer Browser Games to Play with Friends [2022 Updated]

So you and your friends decided to play games online but you don’t have a high-end PC, well worry not cause I present you Top 10 best Multiplayer browser games to play with your friends.


Before starting let me tell you an overview of Browser Games.


Browser games are not about Graphics so they can be run on any low-end device and only requires a web browser to run them.


Though they are not graphics heavy they are really fun to play. Below I have listed some of my favourite Multiplayer Browser Games





Krunker is free to play multiplayer first-person shooting browser games. Krunker is more for those who are core gamers.


Though it is a bit resource-heavy than other games present on the list, it is worth it.


Physics and jumping work well and you can also change them while creating a Host Game.


You can invite your friends and/or join your friend’s server using an invite link. A custom game can have up to 10 players


Krunker io is another Third Person Shooter 3D game that is resource-heavy 


Krew is a pirate-themed game in which the objective is to top the leaderboard either by searching for shells or crabs on the islands or by sinking ships of opponents in the ocean to gain money to buy better ships


You can also recruit your friends as a crew member using a link who will work as cannons and you will lead the ship


Krew - Sinking The Biggest Ship! - Gameplay - Multiplayer Raft Game




Skribbl is a combo of drawing and guessing game in which a player chooses a word from 3 different words and has to draw it while other players have to guess it and at the end, the players with the highest points win.


Though it’s like digital dumb charades of drawing and you have an in-chat feature that doubles the fun. You can create a private room with up to 12 players


How to Play with Friends

  Click on the “Create Private Room” button

  Select the number of rounds, Draw time and your language

  On the same page, you will get the Invite link

  Share the link and wait for friends to join and click “Start Game” 


Skribbl io

Skribbl io

Skribbl io


4. is the most popular game in the game. In players control a cell and the objective is to grow by eating other smaller cells or randomly generated agars and avoiding bigger cells.


Currently, has 5 game modes

FFA- Free for all

Battle Royale



Party Mode – in this mode you can invite your friends and play with them by sharing your party mode link

Agar io

Agar io

5. Pokemon Showdown


Pokemon Showdown is a Pokemon Battle Simulator. If you love Pokemon then you are probably gonna love Pokemon Showdown as well.


Pokemon Showdown has hundreds of pokemon from Generation 1 to 8, maybe more than those whom you can even remember and can build your team and battle against other players.


The in-battle move animation is good and the battle replay share feature is the cherry on the cake.


To play against a friend you have to click on “Find a user” and challenge your friend


Pokemon Showdown | Trailer



6. 8 Ball Pool


8 Ball pool is a billiard based game operated by Miniclip. It is the most popular billiards games available either on Android, iOS or Browser based.


It is one of the most played freemium casual multiplayer game


8 Ball pool has many game types like Billiard, 9 ball pool and you can also join 8 player tournament


Playing with friends is easy all you need to do is signup via Facebook or Miniclip and add your friend using their user-id 


8 Ball Pool: Gameplay trailer - a free Miniclip game


7. Ludo King


Ludo King is a turn-based casual board game with 100M+ downloads on Android

It was selected as Best Casual Game of 2018 on Google Play Store and is also available in Browser to Play from Facebook instant Games


It has 4 modes

vs computer

Online Multiplayer – random

Local Multiplayer – single device

Private Multiplayer – join using code, multiple devices


Ludo King Teaser Trailer


8. Tanki Online


Tanki Online is a Tank based Third-Person 3D Shooting game with graphics like AA games


Though the game has good graphics but is resource-heavy as well, a low-end PC might not be able to handle and may lag with FPS as low as 4 and high ping as well.


You can add your friends from the Friends tab and sharing your invite link

Tanki online

Tanki online

9. is like the retro snake game that you might have played in Nokia phones in the 90s, the only difference is that powerline is a multiplayer game that can be controlled via keyboard (unlike


The objective of the game is to eat round objects for points and grow bigger but beware from the other snakes as if you bite their body or own body as you have to restart if you do so Trailer


10. is a combination of PvP, wave survival and tower defence game where the player have to build their defence farm resources and fight other players as well by entering or destroying their base


At night, your base will be attacked by a wave of zombies and you have to protect your gold, guns, friends, etc.


The main objective is to make a base as big as possible and top the leaderboard - Best Pet Ever! - New Bosses and Epic Base! - Gameplay - Top Player


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